Summer in the nursery

Apologies for the lack of pictures on our blog page recently. This was due to a problem with uploading them onto the system. Luckily this has been resolved in time to share some images of our wonderful new garden, the edible playground and our extension. I think you will agree that the team have done an marvellous job.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our parents evening on Tuesday, it was lovely to have a chance to share the children’s work with you and discuss their end of year reports.

In the last weeks of term we have kept up the hard work and enjoyed exploring measure in the water. Introducing jugs, beakers and coloured water drew the children’s attention to using the symbols and actually measure quantities of water.

We have re-visited 3D shapes, this time having a chance to make our own with sticks and coloured dough.

It has been tricky keeping cool in the hot weather, but children have made fans to help and discussed other methods such as drinking lots of water and taking a break in the shade.

Next week Friday the 20th of July is the last week of term and we will be having a teddy bears picnic to celebrate this. There are list outside each of the classrooms with lists of types of food you may bring if you would like to make a contribution. All children are welcome even if it is not their day. Remember to bring a blanket and a teddy or favourite toy. We look forward to seeing you all there!



What the ladybird heard

Welcome back to the summer term, we hope you all had a restful break.  Our story this week has been ‘What the ladybird heard’ and it has been a lovely story to start the term. We made wanted posters for the baddies, ‘Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len’, we used the computer to create and print farm pictures and used ladybirds to count and explore symmetry. In the garden, some of us found some ladybirds and their larvae, our sunflowers have flourished and we had the first crop of strawberries!.

We also had a crew in filming for BBC training films around young people who want to train to work in childcare and we thank all the parents and carers who kindly gave their permission for their children to take part.

The summer term is the last term of the nursery before children move onto reception and is a very important one. Can we ask that children make it into nursery on time so they do not miss out on their group circle- times.  These are vital for children to understand fully the topic they will be learning about and give the children the best start to their day.

As this is the last term before children leave for reception we will be arranging parent/Carer conferences to discuss the transition and share your child’s final report. Please look out for information on when these will be, there will be posters and information nearer the time. Yve Humphrys will also attend the conference to give advice on the transition into reception and we look forward to giving any support we can to ensure the children make the best possible transition into whichever school they are to attend.

People who help us

As our topic, this week was ‘People who help us’, we were lucky enough to have a visit from a serving paramedic. She showed us lots of the equipment she uses to help people who are unwell. In the home corner, we dressed up as doctors and nurses and attended all our patients once they had an appointment!

As well as being doctors, we made a fire engine, role- played with the fire station and used junk modelling materials to make our own emergency vehicles.

We have been busy in the garden tending our vegetable patch and herb garden and are hoping that after the half- term break we return to some strawberries.



We have been very excited by our topic this week. We have been exploring superheroes. We talked about what superheroes do and some of us noted that there are real superheroes such as firefighters, doctors, nurses and police officers. Next week our topic will be people who help us and we will investigate this further.

As part of the superhero topic created our own, made superhero capes, communicators and superhero stories.

Using superheroes to count, order and group helped to make all these mathematical concepts fun to explore and real. When you are on the way to nursery why don’t you have a try counting how many superhero steps or jumps it takes? you will be amazed how introducing maths into everyday activites helps to embed mathmatical concepts in a more concrete way for your child. It will also support their communication and language skills and may even make your journey easier!

In the garden we have planted the sunflowers we grew from seeds and have been surprised how quickly our beans and peas are springing up. we will plant those our into our beds this week.

Reading and sharing books is something that all the nursery children enjoy. This week some of our children have not just read with an adult but they have also read stories to some of the younger children. The younger children  enjoy this immensely and it inspires them to look at and notice text in storie, recognise that text carries meaning and want to read themselves. The readers are all very eager to share their skills and are so proud of being able to do this.

Tomorrow 21st may is class photos and both the morning and the afternoon children will go to school to have these taken. We are also lucky to have a visit from a paramedic on Monday which links to our topic next week.

Space wk2

This week we have been continuing our look at space. We made a solar system by covering different sized balloons covered in papier mache to represent the planets. We also found out lots more space facts by looking at the Expresso program on the computer. We found out that saturn was very cold and that it’s rings were full of rocks and ice. We also made aliens out of clay, lists for what we would take on a picnic to the moon and our letter of the the week was ‘F’.

As you can see below we have been perfecting our formation of the letter using pens and whiteboards.

The peas, beans. tomatoes and courgettes we planted are all thriving under the care of our eager gardeners. And during this spell of hot weather we remembered to take care of ourselves and drink lots of water.

As you can see writing does not always need to be with paper and pens. As well as writing on the whiteboards some of us made number lines and wrote our names with chalk in the garden.

We have had another look at 3D and 2D shapes and sorted them by ourselves!

If you are walking through the garden you may see that some of our hoarding has been removed and we are now able to see the last of the works being done to our new class. We are really looking forward to moving in within the next few weeks once the builders have completed their work.



This week in the nursery our topic has been space. We have been learning all about astronauts, rockets and the moon. we have looked at information books and watched videos of space launches on the interactive white board. In the garden we used ‘moon rocks’ to explore weight and after estimating with our hands we used scales to weigh them more accurately. Some of them were very heavy and others were lighter.

We used junk modelling materials to make some fantastic rockets and we thought they would need “lots of buttons to make them work”.

When using the tap tap boards, nails and hammers to make rockets we took extra care as they were sharp. We also noticed that if we dropped them we could use magnets to pick them up as they were “made of metal”.

On Wednesday we had a little diggers session with Mr David in the garden. He helped us to find lots of mini beasts under the logs and stones. We even found a stage beetles larvae. Mr David told us that it takes them four years burrowed in the ground to grow into a mature stag beetle!

The seeds we planted two weeks ago are beginning to grow and we used spades to fill the beds and prepare them for our plant out next week. We are most excited by our courgettes which have grown very quickly. If you are in the garden have a look at all the things we have planted they are amazing.






Mr Archimedes

As our story this week was Mr Archimedes we decided to explore floating and sinking. We also re-enacted the bath Mr Archimedes had to see first hand how displacement happened. It was exciting to see how the water rose as more animals got into the bath, then how it sank as they were taken out.

To explore floating and sinking we tested lots of different materials to see if they would float or sink. To make it more interesting we predicted what we thought the outcome would be first. Some of us noticed that the things that were heavier sank, while those like the feather floated.

We have had lots to do in the garden this week tending the beans, peas and sunflower seeds we planted last week. We have begun to notice small shoots and roots appearing. We gave our strawberry plants water lots of water and planted new herbs in the herb garden. If you are in the garden you are very welcome to feel and smell them. We decided we liked the rosemary best.

We are hopeful that our building works will be completed soon, but while we wait for this to happen we are making good use of the space to add to the mural with our own designs!

Welcome back to a new term

Welcome back to the new term, we hope you all had a restful Easter break.

At the end of last term we said a sad goodbye to our ducklings. We had thoroughly enjoyed watching them hatch and grow.

We held and fed them and watching them swim in the water tray was delightful. They have now gone back to the farm in Norfolk when they came from so they can happily swim in the pond.

Our story this week was Jack and the beanstalk. Linked to this topic we planted beans and peas, used beans to count, add and subtract and made beans on toast.

We made a huge giant and a beanstalk for him to climb! As we knew the story well some of us wrote stories of our own. Junk modelling materials  and lego were perfect to make castles.

The high temperatures encouraged us to talk about how much we needed to drink water to stay healthy and how water and sun were two of the key ingredients our beans would need to grow.

To keep us cool we made dens and turned our tuff trays into paddling pools. Lots of the children took the opportunity to count their toes as they splashed and wriggled them in the cool water.

Following the allocation of primary schools, which parents were informed of last week, if any parents or carers need support or advice regarding the place they have been allocated please speak to staff in reception.  They can arrange for you to speak to Yvonne Humphrys from our outreach team who will be happy to help.


We have some very exciting news in the nursery today. Our duck eggs have begun to hatch with the first duckling making an appearance this morning.

Our topic this week has followed the theme of lifecycles and new life. This has included the lifecycles of humans. this has promoted lots of interesting discussions on how we grow from baby’s to children and then to adults and what we need to have to grow and be healthy.

Keeping to the farm theme we have been using farm animals to solve number problems, add groups of animals together in groups, take away and addition.

If you come into the class please check on the progress of the ducklings, you are more than welcome!

Can we please remind you to check the time of your parent consultation next week. we are looking forward to seeing you.

Sorry to all parents and carers

Due to technical problems with uploading pictures to our site we have been unable to put up any posts over the last three weeks. This is will hopefully be rectified in the next few days. In the mean time please talk to your key worker if you have any issues you would need support with and we will be happy to help.

Also we have some wonderful new visitors in the centre. On Monday we had some duck eggs and an incubator delivered and we are excitedly waiting to see them hatch. If you would like to have a look please come in, they are in classroom 2 .