Sorry to all parents and carers

Due to technical problems with uploading pictures to our site we have been unable to put up any posts over the last three weeks. This is will hopefully be rectified in the next few days. In the mean time please talk to your key worker if you have any issues you would need support with and we will be happy to help.

Also we have some wonderful new visitors in the centre. On Monday we had some duck eggs and an incubator delivered and we are excitedly waiting to see them hatch. If you would like to have a look please come in, they are in classroom 2 .

Chinese New Year

Welcome back to all our children, parents and carers after the half term break.

This week the Chinese new year festival has been our theme. All the children have been saying hello in Chinese and had great fun using chopsticks in our restaurant and with noodle play .

We also made Chinese lanterns and drums. Some of us had a try at some chinese dancing. after watching some on the interactive white board.

Using garlic crushers to squeeze play dough through into wriggly noodles helped to strengthen the muscle in our fingers and hands to support our mark making.

The story of the Chinese new year involves a race between the different animals of the zodiac and this gave us an opportunity to explore ordinal numbers such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd. As well as taking part in races in the garden we also ordered the animals in the position they finished the race.

Next Thursday is world book day so we will be reading lots of stories written by the author Julia Donaldson. We will not be asking children to attend in fancy dress as we will be making props and masks together throughout the week.

If you have any favourite stories that you read with your child, please bring them in and we will share them with the children.



Dinosaurs week 2

If you looked at our blog last week or have been into the class you may have seen the strange eggs we found in our garden. The children have enjoyed taking care of them for a week and were very eager to keep them warm in this cold weather.

We are happy to say that all that care and attention has been worth while and our eggs hatched to reveal three baby dinosaurs!

This week we have investigated size in many ways. We compared the size of our feet to that of  a dinosaur by placing our shoes in a footprint. It took thirteen of our shoes to fill the dinosaurs!

Using rulers, tape measures and number lines we measured some dinosaur bones. It was so much fun we measured other things in the class such as the tables and chairs.

In our water tray we had some other interesting eggs, these were made of ice and we used hammers to free the dinosaurs trapped inside.

Dinosaurs also featured in our exploration of colour and what happens when we mix two together and to display in the class we used a wide range of materials to create some textured dinosaur footprints.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very happy half- term. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 18th of February.


Dinosaurs week 1

This week we made an amazing discovery in our garden. We found three unusual eggs! We made lots of predictions on what we thought would come out of them when they hatch and will take good care of them until this happens!

Our topic for the next two weeks is dinosaurs. We began to learn lots of interesting facts about what they were, what they ate and when they lived.

With paper mache we made a volcano to create a dinosaur world, next week we think it may erupt.

We also began a dinosaur display in class. We used collage materials to create a large scale dinosuar, watercolours to paint pictures and junk modelling to make our own dinosuars. We have begun to add these to the display so please come in and have a look.

Maths has also followed our dinosaur theme and we have made dinosaur repeating patterns, sorted dinosaurs and used pegs for dinosaur counting. This did not just help with our 1:1 counting but opening and closing the pegs helped develop the muscles in our fingers and hands we need to mark make.

Just a reminder that Friday the 9th of February is the last day of term for those children who are term time only. The first day of the new term is Monday the 19th of February at the usual time.





This week in nursery we moved on from traditional tales and our story was ‘Little rabbit Foo Foo’. The story gave us lots of opportunities to explore how we should behave towards each other and what good behaviour is. It also sparked our interest in real rabbits.

Mrs Allen the reception class teacher kindly let us go to visit her two rabbits. While there we  learnt  some fascinating rabbits facts to add to our rabbit information books. Mrs Allen told us that rabbits teeth NEVER stop growing and they eat hay to help to keep them shorter.

Back in the nursery we made information books recording all the facts we knew. We made rabbits out of clay and also some floppy rabbit ears.

We discussed how we take care of our teeth and used the large model teeth to practice. Some of us used white paint to brush some black teeth white and we all decided that it was a very good idea to take good care of our teeth.














The Gingerbread man

Continuing our look at traditional tales our story this week was The Gingerbread man.

We enjoyed gingerbread man counting where we added the correct number of buttons to match the numeral on the card. We then used 1:1 correpondence to check our answers. Some of us then counted two small groups and added them together.  Why not have a try at home by counting the buttons on clothes as the children get dressed?

Remember opportunities to explore maths are all around us. Those real life counting games are the ones that mean the most to children and embed these concepts in a meaningful way. In the nursery you may see it in the measuring of lego towers, children noticing numerals in the environment such as on the coat pegs and exploring shape while making cucumber sandwiches. While making their sandwiches the children talked about the bread being “square” or a “rectangle” they noticed the shape of the cucumber slice was a “circle” and they then explored ‘One half’ and ‘One quarter’ as they cut their sandwiches. They also enjoyed eating them!

When looking at the story we talked about the ‘beginning’ ‘middle’ and ‘end’ and the children recalled what happened in these stages of the story and drew them. Some even thought of alternative endings to the story.

On Wednesday we begun our new regular little diggers sessions with Mr David in the garden. Some of you may be familiar with these lovely forest school based sessions and have attended them up at the Spinney. The children enjoyed the session very much and were both excited and engaged throughout the session. In the coming months this will link to our establishment of an edible garden space in the garden.

As there has been a setback in the building works on our extention the completion date has now been moved from mid Febuary to April. We will obviously keep you informed of any others changes to the scheme and its completion.

Goldilocks and the three bears

We have had a wonderful start to the new term. The children have settled back into the nursery routine well and have been eager to take an active part in all our activities.  We have started by looking at traditional tales and rhymes have enjoyed many of our favourites. Last week our story was  Goldilocks and the three bears. Here you can see how we used the story to investigate measure.

We used unifix, rulers and number lines to measure the three bears. We also ordered them by size. Once we had investigated using the bears we measured other toys and objects.

Obviously we couldn’t look at Goldilocks without making some porridge. We thought we would flavour three bowls just like the bears. Plain for Daddy, adding syrup for mummy’s and fruit for baby. They all tasted yummy but we took part in a class survey to see which was our favourite. Mummy bears was very popular!

During the week we also drew some fantastic picutres to make a book of our own, made bears from dough and used collage materials to make masks.

We didn’t just make porridge last week. We also enjoyed making an apple and carrot salad. After grating apples and carrots, we added raisins and a little orange juice. and stirred. After all that cutting and grating we had a delicious salad. We served it for snack and shared it with the class. Why don’t you have a try at making a salad of your own I’m sure you will have some eager helpers!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who are supporting our book  scheme by ensuring their child regularly returns and changes their book. Sharing stories and books with your child makes such a difference to their developing literacy skills. If you would like to change your child’s book more often than the regular days we change them, (Monday or Friday) you are more than welcome to help yourself to those in your key group book boxes.

Happy Christmas

Thank you to all the parents and carers who took the time to attend the parent carer consultations and Christmas sing song this week. It was a fabulous turn out for both and a pleasure to share what the children are doing with you, set targets for next term and enjoy an afternoon of singing Christmas songs.

It has been an extremely busy first term, but the children have been amazing. They have all settled well, behaviour and attention within focus group activities is great and some have begun to build some lovely friendships.

With your continued support we hope that the Spring term is equally enjoyable and that the excellent progress the children have made continues. We have only been able to do this with your support so once again thank you from the whole staff team.

Nursery ends on Wednesday 20th Dec at 2:00 and parents who are collecting older children from school are welcome to pick up earlier at 1:45.

We wish you all a happy and peaceful break and look forward to the new term which starts on:

Thursday 4th January


Christmas arrives at the nursery

On Monday we were very excited to attend the dress rehersal of the reception class Christmas performance. If you were lucky enough to see it for yourself I think you will agree it was beautiful, with wonderful acting, costumes and singing. It was so good some of the children could not help but join in! It was also a lovely to see many of our children from last year.

Christmas has also arrived in the nursery. We put up and decorated our tree, made christmas calenders, a nativity scene and paperchains to decorate our class.

Even our counting and addition took on a christmas theme. We counting gingerbread men and baubles, grouped and added on 1more with both.

Even though the weather have become colder, our outside space is still an important extention of our classroom. Outside we built towers with bricks and counted how many bricks we’d used, made christmas cakes with glittery dough and some stocking for a numberline.

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the parent consultations next week on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday. If you have made an appointment please check your time slot on the lists in class.

On Friday 15th at 2pm you are also invited to our christmas sing song. Due to numbers, this year we will be holding it in the top hall of the main school. Staff will take the children over as a group before 2 to prepare. we would like parents and carers to meet at the nursery (at 1:45pm) where Miss Basia will escort you all over to the hall. Unfortunatly the main school does not have space for buggies but we are more than happy for them to be left at nursery.

If you need any further information please ask a member of the staff team. We very much look forward to seeing you there.

The last day of term is Wednesday 20th December and nursery ends at 2pm on that day.




This week the story ‘Stickman’ inspired a wide range of activities. In our first pictures you can see our finger gym. We gathered sticks of various sizes and thicknesses as a prop to wrap and wind wool, ribbon and pipe cleaners around. This was not just a fun acitivity, it also helped develop the muscles and fine motor skills in our hands and fingers that we need to control pen’s, pencils and other mark making materials as we begin to write. Practicing doing up fastenings such as buttons and zips at home are a good way to do this too!

The snowy theme in the story and the drop in temperature made us think about how snow and ice melt and we explored this for ourselves with frozen shapes full of fish and glitter in the water tray. We noticed that the heat of our hands made them melt and some thought it may be the “Sunshine making it melt”. As the blocks melted and we could free the fish we enjoyed counting them.

As well exploring ice have made cheese straws, our own stickmen, taken part in stickman counting and used real tools to saw, cut and nail pieces together.

In the story people do lots of things to stickman that he doesn’t like and we followed that theme in talks within our groups on how we feel, how to use our words to express these and standing up for ourselves. Some of us made some excellent happy and sad faces too.

During our music sessions with Juliet we have enjoyed practicing our christmas songs for the Christmas sing song on Friday the 15th of December. This will take place in the top hall of the main school and we look forward to you joining us and singing along with us.