Christmas arrives at the nursery

On Monday we were very excited to attend the dress rehersal of the reception class Christmas performance. If you were lucky enough to see it for yourself I think you will agree it was beautiful, with wonderful acting, costumes and singing. It was so good some of the children could not help but join in! It was also a lovely to see many of our children from last year.

Christmas has also arrived in the nursery. We put up and decorated our tree, made christmas calenders, a nativity scene and paperchains to decorate our class.

Even our counting and addition took on a christmas theme. We counting gingerbread men and baubles, grouped and added on 1more with both.

Even though the weather have become colder, our outside space is still an important extention of our classroom. Outside we built towers with bricks and counted how many bricks we’d used, made christmas cakes with glittery dough and some stocking for a numberline.

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the parent consultations next week on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday. If you have made an appointment please check your time slot on the lists in class.

On Friday 15th at 2pm you are also invited to our christmas sing song. Due to numbers, this year we will be holding it in the top hall of the main school. Staff will take the children over as a group before 2 to prepare. we would like parents and carers to meet at the nursery (at 1:45pm) where Miss Basia will escort you all over to the hall. Unfortunatly the main school does not have space for buggies but we are more than happy for them to be left at nursery.

If you need any further information please ask a member of the staff team. We very much look forward to seeing you there.

The last day of term is Wednesday 20th December and nursery ends at 2pm on that day.




This week the story ‘Stickman’ inspired a wide range of activities. In our first pictures you can see our finger gym. We gathered sticks of various sizes and thicknesses as a prop to wrap and wind wool, ribbon and pipe cleaners around. This was not just a fun acitivity, it also helped develop the muscles and fine motor skills in our hands and fingers that we need to control pen’s, pencils and other mark making materials as we begin to write. Practicing doing up fastenings such as buttons and zips at home are a good way to do this too!

The snowy theme in the story and the drop in temperature made us think about how snow and ice melt and we explored this for ourselves with frozen shapes full of fish and glitter in the water tray. We noticed that the heat of our hands made them melt and some thought it may be the “Sunshine making it melt”. As the blocks melted and we could free the fish we enjoyed counting them.

As well exploring ice have made cheese straws, our own stickmen, taken part in stickman counting and used real tools to saw, cut and nail pieces together.

In the story people do lots of things to stickman that he doesn’t like and we followed that theme in talks within our groups on how we feel, how to use our words to express these and standing up for ourselves. Some of us made some excellent happy and sad faces too.

During our music sessions with Juliet we have enjoyed practicing our christmas songs for the Christmas sing song on Friday the 15th of December. This will take place in the top hall of the main school and we look forward to you joining us and singing along with us.

The Gruffalo

We have had a wonderful week reading the story of the Gruffalo. We made a great story box  based on the deep dark forest and enjoyed re-telling the story with props and puppets we made ourselves. In the garden some of us used real knives to cut vegetables for a delicious Gruffalo soup and scales to weigh the ingrediants. We thought he would enjoy all those tasty carrots and parsnips.

On Wednesday we had a very exciting visit from the builders who are building our extension, they came with Honor who talked to us about the types of tools they use to build, recycling materials and how to keep safe when using tools. This inspired us to make a cave for the Gruffalo. We thought he wouldn’t mind if we used it first.

On the computer we used the  simple city program to build houses and in the garden we explored materials that were magnetic and those that were not with our big red magnets.

As Christmas is just around the corner we used card, feathers and glitter to create some beautiful angels. These are for the Christmas hoops which decorate the bottom hall in school. If you attend the Christmas fair you will get a chance to see ours and those made by children in the school. I think you will agree they are all fabulous!

Just a reminder for parents and carers to sign up for the up coming parent consultations. There are lists for each group with individual timeslots. Please sign up early to ensure you get a time that is convenient, we look forward to seeing you all.


Day monkey, Night monkey

Thank you once again to all our parents and carers for supporting our temporary move to the Spinney last week. The volunteers made  an excellent job of re-painting  all the walls in our class. They also made new planters for the garden, added new soil to the digging patch and created a lovely high street scene to the hoarding in the garden too. The children have enjoyed visiting all the shops to buy things.

Our story this week has been Day monkey, night monkey and this has linked into the topic of time. We made books about our daily routines and drew pictures of things we do in the day or night. While making clocks and watches we have explored time and the concept of ‘O,clock’. some of us are beginning to grasp this and used play dough hands on clock faces to show the time.

As Julia Donaldson, the author of the book uses lots of rhyming words in the story we thought it would be nice to explore rhyming words. We made rhyming sheets and drew pictures of things that rhymed such as a dog/log/frog.

It has been a very active week in the garden, with lots of physical activity. We have climbed the small trees, played basketball and tennis. Some of us have perfected our balancing skills on the balance beams and obstacle courses. Riding the bikes and cars has kept us nice and warm too.

This Friday we have given new book bags to all children so children may choose a book and take it home share. we have included a booklet with tips on how to read with your child and books will be changed in our key groups every Monday and Friday. Also included are some little star vouchers, so if you would like to share something your child had achieved at home  (such as recognising or writing the letters of their name) please complete the  voucher. we will share these within our key groups and then add them to your child’s learning journey.

Please remember next Friday 24th November 2017

nursery is closed for and INSET day



We’re going on a bear hunt

Our topic story this week has been ‘We’re going on a bear hunt”. We went on a bear hunt in the garden and found a cave with a real bear in it!  The theme gave us lots of opportunities to practice and use positional language such as ‘Under, over, on top, through, behind’.

As part of our natural thinkers programme we used leaves and natural objects to create leaf crowns and bear masks.

To develop our fine motor skills and support our writing we have been using straws and pipe cleaners to practice threading. Why not have a try of this at home with shoes and shoelaces or any kind of thread or wool with pasta tubes?

Today we have had a wonderful time at the Spinney while our class was decorated by the volunteers. There were so many new things to explore. Thank you to all the parents who have helped us to make this possible. Your kind understanding of returning permission slips, ensuring children were on time and in wellington boots was greatly appreciated. I’m sure you are just as excited as we are to see the end result.

Please remember the INSET day on Friday the 24th of November when we are closed, and if you have not yet signed your child’s target for this term please see their key worker.



People who help us

Welcome back after the half-term break, we hope you all had a restful one. Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our open day on the last day of term. It was really lovely to have time to share the work in the children’s learning journey’s and talk through any concerns you had. We are also grateful for all the positive feedback given to us about the setting and how you felt your child was progressing. We greatly appreciate all your views.

Our topic for this week has been ‘People who help us’ specifically the police and the work they do to keep us safe. We have our own nursery police station in the home-corner which has been a hive of intense investigations! Some of us have created wanted posters for baddies including “The big bad wolf” and “The Giant” from jack and the beanstalk. We also made warrant cards, ID badges, hats and used police vehicles to count and order by size.

Even though we have lost a considerable part of our garden we have made good use of the remaining section by exploring the changing season and all the falling leaves, climbing and balancing and writing in the quiet area.

Here are some dates for the diary. Posters concerning these are displayed around the setting, and letters giving further details have been distributed. If you have not received one please talk to a member of the staff team.

Dates to remember:

Friday 10th November 2017  The nursery to re-locate to the Spinney for one day while re-decoration of class is undertaken by the Involve volunteers.

Friday 24th November 2017– INSET DAY (Closure of all settings including Heathbrook park and main school)

Can I also take the chance to tell you that Clapham Manor Primary School is making a bid for the ‘Aviva Community Fund’ which gives funds to local projects that make a positive change in their communities.  To get involved and vote for the school go to:    Voting closes at midday, 21 November 2017

This Thursday was our first music session in the main school with the music teacher Miss Jones. We had a wonderful morning exploring all the lovely instruments she has there and dancing to soothing music. Miss Jones taught us how to follow a rhythm, tap out simple tunes and we also sang some songs. The children enjoyed the session very much and are excited about next week!

We are all different but the same.

In the nursery we have children from many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, we love to learn and celebrate the wonderful rich diversity. Over the last two weeks we have been learning about and celebrating diversity through activities based on the stories ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and ‘The story of Diwali’. We used beautiful African fabrics to create our own Handa’s, explored Kenti fabrics and made some patterns based on these and tasted some yummy sugar cane too. After tasting Jamaican bun we made some spicy smelling dough to make and count our own currant buns. We very much enjoyed the Diwali story about Rama and Sita;  we used salt dough to make and decorate our own diva lamps which was great fun and we can take them home to share.

You may have noticed that building work has begun on our extension. the children have been so excited by this and it has inspired lots of “Bob the builder” play. We will keep you updated on the progress as the project moves forward.

We would like to remind you that today is the last day of term for those children who are term time only.

Nursery will resume on Monday the  30th  October at the usual time.

Dates for the diary – Our outreach team lead by Yve Humphrys wil be holding a series of sessions to support any parents who need support or advice concerning applications for children transferring to reception in the summer. The sessions are at the centre on Wednesday mornings between 10 – 11:30 on the dates below:

1st/8th/22nd November 2017  Remember this is just for children going to reception in summer 2018. The deadline for applications is January 15th 2018

We hope you all have a lovely half term!






Hello from all at the nursery


Welcome to our first blog of the term. Here are some pictures of what we have been doing this week.

We picked the last of our crops. Collecting some apples from the trees and tomatoes of various sizes and shapes. The vegetable patch needed lots of weeding and digging over, but we had lots of eager volunteers.

Our elephant ears were to use on listening walks in the garden to develop our listening and attention skills. This will help when we begin to attempt to hear initial sounds in words.

Dates for the diary:

The nursery will be holding support sessions for parents of children transferring to reception in 2018. The sessions will give practical help with school applications who need it. They will be at the centre on between 10am – 12pm on:

Wednesday 1st Nov 2017

Wednesday 8th Nov 2017

Wednesday 22nd Nov 2017

And Yve Humphrys our outreach lead will be available to give guidance for 15 min slots

On Friday 20th October 2017 between 3:30-6:00 we will be holding an open evening for parents to have a look at their children’s learning journey, have an informal chat with their key worker and approve the targets that have been set for their children. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.